Virginia and all at  Kitchen Table Conversation and Crafts Projects.

We are made up of 9 Syrian and 5 English women  and have  been meeting up since last summer and gather fortnightly. This provides a much needed and enjoyed social time away from the family and a time to chat and build up new friendships. We began by sewing things for our homes- new homes and small gifts and garments for the children however have recently started stitching as a bridge to express our unity and we would like to move forward doing similar projects.

“We meet in each others homes every two weeks on Friday evenings. We do sewing and we talk and laugh about many things”, ” I have made cushions for my home”, ” My sewing is not very good , when I am better I would like to make some clothes for myself”. ” We drink coffee and now your English tea but its not good “- laughter.

One young lady plays Syrian music on her mobile so we can all listen and says ” We  laugh at you, when you try to dance “. Another says she likes it because its a good way to practice her English and learn new words about general things that are not taught in formal English classes at college. One of the older ladies, was a seamstress in Syria and enjoys teaching and encouraging the others  about different sewing skills.