(Written by Miesje Chafer)
Tuesday 24th October

We had a lovely busy day today! Lot of people dropping in finished trees, coming and taking a pack or sitting and stitching. One lady who had already completed a tree came back in with her grandson and granddaughter who had decided they would also like to take apart. Her grandson was a bit unsure at first but once he got going he produced a beautiful little tree!

Lines of stitching straight onto the backing fabric  look like tracks between the trees.These lines could represent the journey that people have taken in order to search for a place to stay.

Thursday 26th October

Where possible I am going to keep the trees of families grouped together, as I know remaining together is a big issue facing people who have been displaced from their homes.

It got busier after lunch with quite a few adults coming in with children and grandchildren who sat a stitched together. Photographer Joe came and took some photos, and Hollie came in with her mum so we pinned her tree onto the backing fabric.