Threading Stories workshop June 10th-11th2019, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University

The workshop is led by Giocherenda, a group of young refugees who came to Palermo (Italy) from various African Countries. In Palermo, they have found a place where they can freely live and dream. The name Giocherenda comes from the African language Pular – solidarity, interdependence and strength that stem from people getting together. It resembles the Italian world ‘giocare’ (to play), which inspired the collective to create games that are able to generate narrations, remember traditions and share personal memories.

Other contributions from The Travelling Heritage Bureau

Avril Loveless, volunteer and trustee of the charity Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group that gave birth to Refugee Tales project.

Elizabeth Atherton, current MA student at Manchester School of Art, researching experiential drawing.

Elizabeth joined together with Giocherenda, Alice Kettle, Refugee Action, WAST (Women Asylum Seekers Together) and MSoA students for a playful workshop exploring how collaborative drawing can connect our stories together.

With thanks to the support of Stories in Transit