Home ground

The second Making Common Ground session welcomed a few new faces to the group. We continued stitching, introducing some new textiles reference points. One person had dug out a lovely book of stitch techniques to bring along. The conversation again was really...

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S from Uganda

  I have been working with S over the last few months. She is a remarkable creative woman who was forced to leave Uganda. I shall write more about our conversations at much greater length, as they are extensive. I need to understand how to represent her voice and her...

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Making common ground

On Friday mornings in November I am inviting people to join me to stitch a giant patchwork map as part of the Stitching Stories programme of events. We had our first session last Friday and the stitching was beautiful, but it was the richness of the conversation that...

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Textile chat

I have been meeting with a group of Syrian women each week since the summer. This group was initiated by Stella Charman. These remarkable women have taught me much through their conversation. They are with families who are making new lives in the UK. This is  a short...

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The Olive Tree, Europe and refugees

  We are having many conversations in the City Space Here are some thoughts from Christopher Gordon The Olive Tree, Europe and refugees Thought to have originated in Phoenicia (equivalent today to Syria/Palestine/Lebanon/SE Turkey), the olive is a precious gift of the...

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Beginnings and developments

(Written by Alexandra Jordan) Saturday 14th October This was the first day of the project! It was amazing to see we already had trees waiting to be put up that had been posted ahead of the launch. Most of my day was spent explaining and discussing the project with...

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