Choman Hardi

  On the 8th October 2016 I met Choman Hardi. She was reading her poetry at the Winchester Poetry Festival. Then I felt my skin prick and my breath stop. She was born in Iraqi Kurdistan. Her family  fled to Iran, returning to Iraq when she was 5 years old, only to...

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Syrian stitching

  The women from Syria are becoming close friends. We have an increasing closeness. They always smile and laugh, whilst you know full well there is a daily struggle and background of loss. I am struck by their hospitality and openness. Here they invite us to their...

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Quiet protest

It was the last Making Common Ground workshop on Friday. We welcomed 6 new members to the group and 6 from previous sessions, so this was our biggest set of stitchers so far. This week’s conversations were just as interesting and far-reaching. We spoke about stitch as...

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Stitching more routes

  Vanessa has run her last workshop, finding the traces and tracks of common and particular ground. Thread has walked across the fabric as steps and lines, knots and points of reference and delicate markers. It has also joined and stitched people and fabric places...

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Southampton group stitching

  In stitching we have made a common ground, we do not need to speak and yet we do while stitching.  The women are modest and say they can't stitch or that their stitching isn't good. But they do stitch and produce beautiful work. Some watch. I want to ask them about...

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John Akomfrah

Extraordinary work which engages powerfully with issues of migration. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/jan/07/john-akomfrah-vertical-sea-arnolfini-bristol-lisson-gallery-london-migration

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